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Consumer Behavior Forecast

Most decisions made by customers is influenced by weather changes. Where to eat and what to wear depends on the rainy, snowy or super sunny weather.

And brands should use this information.

Consumer Behavior Forecast

To find out how much a role weather plays in consumer buying habits, it’s useful to analyze proprietary foot traffic data. If using location-specific data signals from users and matching those with points of interest around the world, brands can find new ways to predict behavioral trends and expose new mobile and location marketing opportunities.

Bad weather is good for offline sales

It’s a common belief that the weather influences in-store sales. When it’s cold or stormy, we suggest that the best tactics is to stay at home. Interestingly, though, foot traffic data shows that bad weather has more of an effect on purchase behavior than good weather does.

Think about the point of sale when you’re planning location-specific campaigns, as you may see a decreased return on investment in inclement weather.

Everything is relative

In the past, marketers have used temperature to determine where and when they should advertise, and what they should promote. Cold drinks for hot weather, hot drinks for cold weather. Seems pretty logical. However, even when targeting consumers with weather-specific creative, marketers should consider location.

Weather triggers different behavior in consumers depending on where they live. Along with knowing the exact weather conditions, it’s recommended to pay attention to the location data as well.

Different product categories for different weather

An important period of the day is when people try to get to work, their chosen route does affect decisions about which products they consume, and when.

Retailers and department stores get a big increase in foot traffic when the weather is good, whereas grocery is the only category that doesn’t see significant benefits from good weather.

Use the forces of weather

Being aware of how the weather shapes consumer activity not only helps marketers plan more effective campaigns, but provides a far deeper understanding of the target group’s current wants and needs. The strengthening of first party location signals like foot traffic data will build more fitting customer personas and associated marketing strategies.

In other words, brands can use weather changes better, by making smarter targeting decisions and delivering more relevant ads – to break the ice.